Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Moriah has essentially been the same over the last week. She still looks pretty good and had her eyes open most of the time. Her left eye looks much better than it did last week. She is still having some bladder issues which is affecting her potassium level, but hopefuly they will be able to fix that nutritionally. I continue to pray that she gets unstuck. I watched "Elf" with her today, I guess that means the Christmas season is upon us. The weather is sure reflecting that as the cold has arrived. Thanks to those of you who visited her over the past weekend. I had a good trip to Eau Claire and both brothers and my sister were there along with Mom and Dad. It was good to be together, albeit(Harry?) kind of weird under the circumstances. Wow, who would of thunk?

There is a universe that can't be seen
It's a feelin if you know what I mean
Delectable dimension, undetctable by sight
Fills up you heart in the dead of the night
Some say that it's an astral plane
Can't be described, can't be explained
The world exploded in Love all around me
And every time I take a look around me
All I can do is smile

Bob Schneider "The World Exploded in Love All Around Me" Album "Lonely Land"

On the music scene, Indigenous, a native American blues band from South Dakota will be at The Mill next Wednesday night. Not sure if the The Mill can hold their sound in. This show will not be for the faint of heart as the sound will be somewhere between Hendrix and Stevie Ray!!

I found the following words on a card while digging through some stuff. Enjoy the tears of joy.

When things are changing all around us
And the world seems to move too fast, don't forget,
I'll be right beside you, loving you,
What I feel for you is deep, total, and enduring--
a love you can count on without ever having to wonder.
So when you look ahead to future changes or think about how
the past used to be,
don't forget to look beside you, because that's where you'll find me,
loving you with all my heart.
That's one thing you can count on that will never, ever change.

Mary to Dale Anniversary 1994
Hope you enjoyed the tears, I sure did.
God Bless

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

I am thankful that I can count all of you amongst my friends.

Moriah is about the same. Her left eye is becoming an issue again, but she has had her eyes open all week. I did get some reaction out of her and hope that they progress. I watched the parade with her this morning. We always got up early on Thanksgiving and started cooking and watched the the parade with the girls. It's been one of those days of burdens and blessings. I had a great weekend in Minneapolis last week. Watched some good football(the high school game) and had a lot of fun. Another tradition carried on alone but none the less carried on.

I'm heading out to Eau Claire to spend the weekend with my family. Hopefully I will survive Black Friday(much too kind of a term).

Hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and remember,
Tell them that you love them!!
God Bless

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Moriah still looks good! She has had her eyes open all week during my visits. I will be heading out this weekend to watch the Hawkeyes play the Rodents in the big white roller rink in Minneapolis. If you could visit Mojo while I am gone I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you Mark and Angela for the great meal and your company. Good Stuff!!

I'm tired of running around looking for answers to questions that I already know!! Hmmmmm?
John Prine

Dear Lord
Make her right or
Use her might!!

Hope you all have a great weekend
God Bless

Monday, November 13, 2006


Moriah and I spent the morning and some of the afternoon at UIHC. Sure don't miss that place much. While I was sitting there I think the enormity of this entire thing hit me. Anyway, She had a CT scan and a MRI and a checkup from the neuro staff. Nothing major to report but she has improved incrementaly since her last visit. Her brain looks pretty good for the most part. No major damage. Her break of the upper vertabrae's has healed very well. Again medically she appears to be in pretty good shape. She has had her eyes open alot over the past week. The Doc says that she still has a shot, albeit a bit against the odds. He said that if he had it to do all over again he would reccomend the same treatment. He still believes that the issue is in reconnection. Nothing bad but nothing great. They adjusted her shundt to drain a bit more, just to make sure that if there is any excess fluid on the brain it will be removed. This was done with a high tech device(magnet). Once again, all we have is hope.

I would like to share with you something that Gunner sent me back in the spring. He had found this written down on a plain piece of paper in his Dad's stuff after he passed away about 3 years ago. I think of Gunner often. You never forget those that you first rode with.

Today upon a bus I saw
A lovely maiden with golden hair
I envied her, she seemed so gay
And oh, I wished I were so fair
When suddenly she arose to leave,
I saw her hobble down the aisle
She had one foot and wore a crutch
But as she passed a Smile
Oh God forgive me when I whine
I have two feet the world is mine

And when I stopped to buy some sweets
The kid who served me had such charm
He seemed to radiate good cheer
His manner was so kind and warm
I said "It's nice to deal with you, such courtesy I seldom find"
He turned and said "Oh thank you sir"
And then I saw that he was blind
Oh god forgive me when I whine
I have two eyes the world is mine

Then walking down the street
I saw a child with eyes of blue
It seemed he knew not what to do
I stopped a moment then I said
"Why don't you join the others dear?"
He looked ahead without a word
And I knew he could not hear
Oh god forgive me when I whine
I have two ears the world is mine

With feet to take me where I go
With eyes to see the sunsets glow
With ears to hear what I would know
I'm blessed the world is mine
Oh God forgive me when I whine

Enjoy the sunsets and the sunrises
Peace out

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Moriah had a pretty good week but remains in essentialy the same condition. Grandpa and Grandma Reiman visited her this weekend. She did have her eyes open most of the time. She looks much better and her complexion on her face looks a lot better. She did turn her head and react to her Grandmother. Again, we keep praying for something good to happen.

Lord, unbind her from these chains!!!!

My Dad watched the Hawkeyes with me on Saturday. Ich!!! A real stinker. Hopefully they will get it together as one of the rodents of the Big Ten visits on this Saturday.(Wisconsin)

This was one of those weekends where a lot of random thoughts passed through my head. As time goes by(fast) I continue to be consumed with the blessings of all of my friends and family. This has been, of course, the greatest impact of any event in my life. God Bless all of you. Many thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

More lyrics from the Ozark Mountain Daredevils Album #13 a line from each song

Life so fast fast I'm afraid to blink, people still live in chains

There's a light that no one see's, but it's as bright as the sun to me, everywhere she goes
Everywhere she goes she takes my heart and soul
Everywhere she goes she makes me feel what only Heaven knows

If you have a question, just ask

Pick the time, pick the place
Pick the lock on the last embrace

I've got a one way ticket to the open road
I've got all day to get there and nowhere to go

So live and learn and take your chances
and every step will bring that distant shore into view
I see that light so bright streamin in

Jumpin in a taxi you gotta see the band play
it's on a little side street a little off of Broadway

Your voice whispers words to make me believe
Nothings different, nothings changed with you and me
I feel lost if not forgotten Where are we? Are you still here ?
Our love is drowning in tears. (Wow!!!)

I'm still dreamin about you

As long as this goes on there will be love in every song we sing

Just when it's all blown away
Just when there's nothin left to stay
Just when I'm so far from home
Just when I'm lost and alone
I feel your guiding light
In the day in the night

And prays for shelter from the storm
Where they dream of a world
Without sadness and pain
What's another tear in the rain?

In the street light while I'm walkin
I hear voices someone talkin
When I listen
No affection something missing
No direction

I'm going out bar hoppin, be boppin
There's won't be no stoppin me tonight
The good Lord know it's time to rock
And when the sun goes down I'll be gone (of course one party song!)

The great thing about music and lyrics is that it means different things to everybody. Hope this all means something to all of you.
God Bless